30 Day Song Challenge, Day 05

Day 05: A Song That Reminds You of Someone

A couple of ways to go with this one. A song whose lyrics remind me of someone? Or a song that reminds me of someone by association? Can the person be a character? Hmm…

So, I picked Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl.

This is the best video I could find, enjoy the uncomfortable lip-synching. There’s an short interview in the middle and a second song. Ignore it. This one has better audio than the edit I found without those.

The association in my mind between this song and my father is so ingrained that I actually find it hard to listen to. My parents got divorced when I was in primary school and I usually only saw my father on the weekends. In my mind, I’m in his car with my sister, on a late summer afternoon in 1994, coming back from an agricultural show. In my mind this song just goes round and round in an eternal loop from this perfect “event”, and by extension, a whole childhood’s worth of memories. Because my father died in January 1995, my memories of these times have been coloured through a strange filter – everything is saturated and slightly grainy like an old photograph, the sun is more orange, the grass more green, and time much slower. I still hear this song through this filter, and images of specific times we spent together flash before me whenever I hear it. It carries an unnatural weight.

It’s the guitar hook mostly that gets me, and the sha-la-la-la-las. It’s a strong melody, and a perfectly pleasant pop song. Lyrically Brown Eyed Girl has no real meaning to me, and I don’t even especially care for Van Morrison, but still the association remains with my father and always will.

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