30 Day Song Challenge, Day 06

Day 06: A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Place

Side note: I have a useless ability to recall certain places where I was listening to certain pieces of music, even if it was something mundane (for example: when I went to get a bicycle pump from Halfords one summer in Perth, and decided to walk, and was walking up past Perth College in the blazing heat listening to Isis’ In the Absence of Truth). That being said, it’s usually more that the place reminds me of the song than the reverse.

So I got the album Holy Wood at Christmas the year it came out, and then the parents drove my sister and I up north to stay with our Grandparents in the fine city of Inverness for new year. So I remember very vividly listening to this album, and especially this song, while in the car going up the A9. It was kind of dark as I recall, probably overcast, and there was a decent blanket of snow over everything, and that image is burned into my memory.

I looked for an image that might convey it on flickr, but they tended to be of sunny days and glistening snow.

The album as a whole had a very desolate feeling to me, which happened to resonate with the scenery. This song lyrically rang especially true with the 14 year old me’s conception of the world – which is typically the appeal of Manson’s 90s work. Five years later and it would have been labelled emo. At the time, by virtue of it being Marilyn Manson, it got lumped under the bizarre local term “mosher” (in Perth at the time it was “moshers” vs. “townies”). Still, I think the writing on that album is genuinely great even now, so what are you going to do about it, eh?

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