Portal 2…

… is pretty awesome.

I can see there’s a ridiculous amount of backlash out there right now, some grounded and some not. I followed the potato ARG only casually for the most part, and it’s fair to say that like every other ARG ever created, its ultimate end didn’t really justify the time spent. That being said, I appreciate the effort.

There’s a position now amongst a growing number of PC gamers that pay-for DLC is bad, and launch-day there is pay-for DLC available for Portal 2. But it’s not main content, merely cosmetic upgrades for co-op mode. It’s not super-tasteful to have it in there from the start, but it doesn’t affect the game itself so I don’t care.

There are even suggestions that it’s a console port, which is a fairly ridiculous accusation in the first place because it runs on the source engine, A primarily PC engine for the past seven years. Part of this complaint is the same crowd who got all up in a twist about no dedicated servers in Modern Warfare 2, or action-oriented gameplay in Dragon Age 2. It’s PC gamers refusing to acknowledge console gaming as the market leader, refusing to give any ground at all. While I can sympathise with the position, it doesn’t stop people expressing their poorly constructed opinions like a bunch of entitled children.

Portal 2 does not “feel” any different to any other source engine game, and the graphics are pretty stunning. The only difference I can see is a save dialogue telling you not to turn off your console. Seriously. An image file during saving, and people are outraged that Valve could have left any reference to a console in their PC game. Fuck off. And besides, even if it were a console port, it’d be about the most PC-like PC port of a console game in the history of  console to PC ports.

As for length, I got through it in seven solid hours, bt they were a more enjoyable seven hours than I think I’ve had in any Valve game to date. And that’s single-player only, haven’t touched co-op yet. I’m a Portal veteran, but even I couldn’t see the various plot twists and turns coming. The set-pieces, the structure of the game, the writing, the personality of it oozes from every reconfigurable panel. So once again, another big thumbs up to Valve. Is it as good value as The Orange Box? No, obviously. It’s also probably better than anything in the Orange Box.

Now for the mandatory episode 3 reference, in regards to them finishing it: please do so!

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