30 Day Song Challenge, Day 07

Day 07: A song that reminds you of a certain event

As previously mentioned, I have an ability to recall what music I was listening where and when, even in the most mundane situations. However, it’s usually the place that reminds me of the song rather than the other way round.

Oxbow are an acquired taste to be sure, but Geometry of Business is probably easier to digest than most of their material. It happens to remind me of an event I was witness to twice, that of Oxbow performing in a stipped down acoustic format, Niko Wenner playing acoustic guitar and Eugene Robinson on vocals and chair-throwing…

The first time I saw the Oxbow presents Love’s Holiday project, it was opening for Isis in Glasgow. It seemed like nobody in the audience knew what to make of it, as seemingly mild-mannered Wenner strummed a guitar, while heavily tattooed competitive fighter Robinson proceeds to strut about, removing articles of clothing, throwing a chair, squealing like a mad man, and confronting all the preconceptions of the audience. It was both terrifying and electrifying. The next time I saw this inspired performance was at Supersonic several months later where the audience seemed to know what was going on, lending the proceedings a very different atmosphere, while fortunately lacking none of its potency.

Anyway, here’s the full band version of the opening song, which makes up in tightness and punch what it lacks in semi-naked confrontation.

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