30 Day Song Challenge, Day 17

Day 17 – A Song That You Hear Often on the Radio

I don’t listen to the radio. I hate radio. Especially nowadays, the idea of listening to the radio for music just seems absurd to me.

That said, whenever I happen to be in earshot of a radio playing music, chances are that in 40% of cases it’s the Rihanna song I mentioned on Day 2. The other 60% of cases it is Dynamite by Taio Cruz. Which you might recognise for “Sayin’ Ay-oh!” and “… like it’s dyn-o-mite!”

This song is unbearable and irredeemable, so I will not post it here.

As a cynic, I have somewhat tried to understand the success of those certain hit songs that seem to permeate our media for about six months. There are several factors they usually have in common. For one, there must be a simple repeatable melodic hook, a tiny two or three second segment of the song that is instantly infectious. People don’t even need to pay attention to the rest of the song, and oftentimes they can’t even identify the song from 80% of the actual track, just the 20% that makes up the hook. Another factor is novelty, whether it’s an odd pronunciation of a word, an auto-tune effect, or maybe the lyrics are just kind of weird. Another prominent factor evident in the case of this song is a light dance floor friendly beat. It’s one of those more “chill” sing-along club tracks that crosses over into the daylight hours.

Anyway, that’s way more dissection than this song deserves.

Now go away.

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