Flattr Than a Flat Hat (steamrolledfedorasforeverokay?)

I went a different route with that title pun huh?

Yes, Murray nudged me to try out Flattr. It’s a simple micro-transaction thing, where you can send me a small sum of money if you like something you see here.

You have to be a member of Flattr of course, but the way it works is simple. You pay funds into your Flattr account, and then you hit a Flattr button on some content you like, and the author receives one slice of your monthly Flattry. So if you have €2, and you Flattr 4 things, each person gets sent €0.50. I kind of hate saying Flattr over and over.

Anyway, in order for it to take off, the system needs more people on board, so if you want, you should do that. Just click on the buttons that will be appearing in my posts to find out more.

I’ve always been wary of the whole “share this on Facebook“, “digg this” and “tweet that” buttons all over everything these days, but just because I have no interest in doing so, does that really mean I should avoid moving with the social media times? If somebody wants to share this on Facebook and then more people read my blog, is that such a bad thing? This I think is a safe first step. Maybe more will follow.

I guess the idea is part of a desire from certain liberal corners of the internet, to turn everything into a kind of democratic meritocracy, where authors may be rewarded at the reader’s discretion for providing good content. Of course, good content doesn’t necessarily mean popular content, and I’m pretty sure this blog won’t be attracting big bucks any time soon. I certainly prefer the idea of this system to advertising, but only time will tell what the practical benefits of it are.

Anyway, if you use Flattr, and you like any of the crap I do here, feel free to Flattr me. Likewise, I will be using my own Flattr contributions to Flattr those whom I feel deserve being Flattred, assuming of course the appropriate Flattr facilities exist to Flattr them. Flattr.

3 thoughts on “Flattr Than a Flat Hat (steamrolledfedorasforeverokay?)

  1. Likewise, or actually, if I don’t end up finding anything else, you might just get my monthly Flattry. Honestly, I don’t like saying that word, but somehow can’t stop.


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