30 Day Song Challenge, Day 20

Day 19 – A Song You Listen to When You Are Angry

Not sure I really listen to much specifically when angry. But there are songs that make me feel like I am releasing anger. So here’s a one of them.

Neurosis are pretty swell. At least, this album is. For some reason I still haven’t explored them any further. I really should remedy that.

Anyway, this song Fear and Sickness speaks to a certain kind of hazy slow-burning anger, like bile, like sludge, like a strange ancient disease god festering in the bowels of the Earth. The climactic section 4:24 in, featuring the line “at the centre we will find you, falling prey to its lustre,” is a prime example of an outwardly-projected sense of rage. I love the vocal tone especially. Also, the nicely dense mix of overlapping guitar parts. Also, that ever-pounding beat.

Those last three minutes seem to me like music to choke the life out of your mortal enemy by.

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