Election Fever

I went into this Scottish Election mostly interested in the national AV referendum, but now with three results in, I’m utterly fascinated by the scale of this Lib Dem backlash. I don’t agree with their motives, but it seems like the people who hate the Tories – in many cases an ingrained position not necessarily informed by logic – also hate anyone they see as willing to get in bed with the Tories. The negative Lib Dem swing has been HILARIOUS. Hilarious because Scotland in its anger, seems to be swinging so far away from the Lib Dems that SNP are actually stealing safe Labour seats as well. Maybe Scotland really has finally had enough and is ready for independence?

Looks like this will be a very good night for the SNP. Absurdly so in fact. It is interesting to see the national Scottish passion reflected in this way. Carry on.

P.S. In case you were wondering:

  1. SNP
  2. Green
  3. Yes to AV

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