Now I’ve Got Yellow Fever (Not Literally)

I considered a pun-title along the lines of “there’s an election in my pants” and then starting the post with the line “… and everyone who voted SNP is invited.” But instead I opted to not do that but still mention it, thus allowing me the twin luxuries of having and eating my pun-flavoured cake.

Anyway, Scotland’s parliament is now majority Scottish National Party. I was just postulating earlier that if you came at UK politics from a position of total ignorance, you might assume them similar to British National Party, which the obviously are not.

Seriously though, I’m pretty stoked about the Scottish results. The AV referendum results seem pretty dire, so we’ll see if next time round the distaste people on the right and left have for a right/left coalition, combined with the Conservative-favouring seat reduction will be enough to prevent a similar result, or if in fact another coalition comes in anyway. Either way, it’s increasingly looking like the SNP are going to work their assess off to prove independence is the way forward, and the Tories have no way to stop that short of forcing an early referendum – which the Scottish people will not be happy with at all.

Now I’m less than happy with this Conservative Westminster government, but for me the issue isn’t as black and white as it is for a large number “up here”. I am pretty excited to see how Alex Salmond plays this, in terms of being able to make demands and coalesce public opinion against Westminster’s cuts in Scotland. I’m actually excited about UK politics again! Hooray!

Oh, and we also got our Green list MP, Patrick Harvie, who happens to remind me of Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor…

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