30 Day Song Challenge, Day 24

Day 24: A Song You Want to Play at Your Funeral

Go back six or seven years and this might have been Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. But since walking past a pub hearing a man sing a really awful karaoke version, I just can’t go that way anymore.

Sackville are a lost relic of the 90s Montreal music scene, and this is a song from their final CD-R record, and also appears on a pretty great Constellation label compilation called Song of the Silent Land. This Machine is end of the world music to me. No, not some Hollywood ecological disaster, or a supervirus, or a meteor, or a war… More like a sunset. The end of a day, the end of a life, the end of a world. So that’s why I picked it.

It’s very minimalist, a strummed acoustic guitar and naked voice, eventually augmented with aching legato strings. Lyrically, it’s not super-relevant, but the images it presents are plainly evocative of almost-endings, of the penultimate.

Not that I’ll be there to hear it, but I think This Machine reflects some of the feelings I’d like people to feel when I’m gone. If people think it’s too depressing though, I’ve got another Sackville song they could play that is a very close runner-up in this race, a light-hearted take on the cold-hard science of life:

The Principles Of Science by Constellation Records

I’d be happy with either. If you happen to be there, whatever you do don’t let them play Robbie Williams’ Angels

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