30 Day Song Challenge, Day 25

Day 25 – A Song That Makes You Laugh

I wanted to kind of avoid picking comedy songs for this, because I tend to find comedy music is more comedy than it is music. I wanted to go for something I like as a song, as a piece of music I can listen to for more than just laughs. Ideally it would be something that’s funny for more than just goofy lyrics. So that’s why I ended up here:

Now let’s get this straight once and for all. Mr. Bungle are neither a comedy music band, nor a Faith No More side project. They are a far more important band that uses humour as but one colour in a very broad palette. Their self-titled debut is a little heavy on that stuff for my liking though. Platypus however, from their second altogether weirder record Disco Volante, strikes a much better balance between silly noises and their signature stop-start style-hopping and repeated time signature/tempo shifts.

Led by Trevor Dunn’s bassline, this song is a kaleidoscopic  jazz/heavy metal melange. There’s some straight metal moments, some straight jazz moments, some free improv, but on the whole it’s extremely tightly structured. It also features some cryptic and quite amusing lyrics about the platypus, seemingly nature’s most improbable actuality.

The bassline is hilarious at times, kind of waddling along like a duck. Also on display is a full panorama of Mike Patton’s various impressive vocal stylings. One moment he’s whispering under an ocean of reverb, the next he’s talking like a cartoon duck. Speaking of cartoon ducks, I used to love Ducktales and Darkwing Duck you should google their theme songs.

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