30 Day Song Challenge, Day 27

Day 27 – A Song That You Wish You Could Play

This is a hard one really. I’m not super-keen on playing other people’s music, I much rather prefer to compose my own – which obviously sounds terrible because I can’t play instruments properly. Kind of a vicious circle.

I struggled for a while, and then I came up with this one. A relatively recent discovery, late last summer, but a really important one for me:

I don’t think Dead Man is an especially great film, but the dialogue in it is incredible. The best bits of that dialogue appear on the soundtrack album, which otherwise consists of Neil Young playing a solo electric guitar with delay effects, a pump organ, and sounds of a vintage car for no good reason. The main theme with acoustic guitar doesn’t appear on it, but it is otherwise wholly amazing.

It’s not even that hard to play, and if I hard a guitar that wasn’t a hacked-together lump of crap, and I had any patience, I could probably sit down and learn to play the theme, and then as Young does on this album, simply noodle around in the appropriate scale, with just the right effects, and make a beautiful racket.

It’s easy to see why this album is so influential in some of the circles of musicians I enjoy listening to.

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