Et tu, Broadband?

Bad pun, I know.

Going off the rails at one fortieth the speed I'm paying for...
Edit: Hey o2, I quite like you actually, and it turned out this wasn't your fault. Sorry...

I pay for 20Mb, the router is connected at about 17Mb as usual, and this is the download speed I’m getting?

Edit: Okay, so it turns out the problem is in fact my wireless network card, and not o2, whose router is actually capable of hitting each computer with a good 8Mbps. Just not my D-Link card apparently. At least, not consistently. It was terrible at first, then fine for a few weeks, now back to awful. So thanks a bunch for your crappy card, D-Link. Ethernet is out of the question, though remains the absolute best option, so I guess I need a new PCI card, lest I keep the PC mostly offline and just use the venerable Macbook for internet purposes. And I am not going to do that any longer than I have to.

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