30 Day Song Challenge, Day 28

Day 28 – A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty

I have no idea at all for this one. It’s surely not the same as guilty pleasure, rather a song that makes me feel guilty about a thing… I already used The 78 by Steven Wilson for song that describes me. What’s left?

Ach, this’ll do…


Powerless by The Flaming Lips. No embed on this one unfortunately, so click through to enjoy.

Now, this song makes me feel guilty for not doing more with what I have. Right now, and for the past year, I have had on my hands, an awful lot of time, and most of it has been squandered. Powerless, from The Flaming Lips album Embryonic, is about that I guess, about allowing the little things to overwhelm you and stop you doing what you love to do.

I wish I could do that, and the fact that I still can’t makes me feel even more guilty. ARGH! It’s a vicious circle!

Seriously though, I could do so much more, be so much more, if not for feeling the way I do, for being the way I am. But the thing is, I do have the power to change both. I’m not powerless. Just naturally slothful, lethargic and prone to procrastination.

Also, this song is pretty cool, kind of dark, very psychedelic. Weird video, tied into all the other Embryonic videos. Anyway, I’m off to go feel powerless, and then feel guilty about feeling powerless. Sigh.

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