30 Day Song Challenge, Day 29

Note: On day 13, I totally realised after my Genki Rockets post that I had a much better answer for guilty pleasure. Actually I thought of two better ones, both related to 80s cartoons. But this is the one I actually wanted to point out (you can find the other here). Anyway, after posting it I then realised this song would be the perfect entry for day 29 and took it down. So here it is. You may have seen it briefly during the 10 minute window it was up on day 13

Day 29: A Song From Your Childhood

I loved The Raccoons as a kid. Lisa Lougheed’s Run With Us was a big part of that. It’s just about the cheesiest 80s’est pop song in the world, but the nostalgia makes my chest hurt a little. It was played over the end-credits every week. The song was apparently written for the show, but released as a tie-in single. The actual video is awful, and barely makes reference to the things I associate with the song. Fortunately, it doesn’t embed, so I was able to use this more appropriate fan-edit from the show.

I think early exposure to The Raccoons is pretty much responsible for my love of trees, forests, and by association, Canada. This song still makes me think of that idea, of a simple life somewhere, in a forest, where all you need are your friends, who are probably an anthropomorphic family of raccoons, an old English sheepdog with an old English sheepdog for a pet, and a nerdy pink aardvark-looking thing. This song is indelibly linked to all of that.

Anyway, here’s the song, which if you don’t have that association from watching this great environmentalist propaganda children’s animation series, probably just sounds like a stupid and totally un-hip tie-in to an obscure 80s cartoon. To me it still sounds like the world of my childhood dreams. Boy that’s a little sad to admit in public.

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