PMT: Stop Making Music

PMT was a dumb project that aimed to be the worst band in the world. Alas, we were beaten in that task by Alestorm.


That said, we were pretty bad, and it was pretty fun. We did a stupid internet show of us improvising horribly to other artists’ lyrics, called Jazzattack! We had planned to do it weekly, but one thing and another made that implausible. It also became a hassle to set it up and tidy up afterwards, so we became complacent and lazy. All the episodes are up on YouTube as of last night (except Episode 4 for some reason, which I will fix later) and you can view them here. They kind of look crappy now. I could re-render them properly, but that seems like a lot of effort for this crap.

About three years ago, after I moved out of the flat with those guys, we realised that we never did a proper farewell for PMT, and that we probably should. Vague plans got hatched, and then crushed, mangled, drawn-out, and finally I had all the pieces by the end of last year. Then I put off editing the thing for months and months, and, well… Time makes fools of us all. Me especially. Here it is:

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