The Islay Beefcast – Episode 02

Left you on a bit of a cliffhanger yesterday didn’t I? No? Either way, don’t worry, we’ll get straight down to business. I’m not going to beat around the bush for comic effect. No siree. That’s just not my style. You know how sometimes when your favourite TV show comes back on the air after a cliffhanger, and they find some way of not resolving that cliffhanger the first week and instead do an episode about something else? Isn’t that annoying? I would never stoop to such tactics. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah…

We were looking for the missing element, the spark, the zing, the punch that would give our podcast that unique flavour. What would it be? Also, we didn’t even have a title for it.

Well, after literally minutes of discussion we found out what it was missing.

Hello, sir!



Not just any beef though, on no! We got in touch with our old friends at the Islay Beef Consortium, who represent the bovine interests of the fair island of Islay (aisle-ay), Queen of the Hebrides (he-brides) where men wearing wedding dresses walk out to the craggy cliffs and sing shanties to the ocean, before remove their clothing, throwing it up into the piercing winds, and then dancing home in the misty dawn air, before getting dressed for work at the massive Islay Abattoir, where the world’s most Islay-related beef product is produced.

Here then is episode two of what will hereafter be known as, The Islay Beefcast.

In this episode, we somehow take two whole hours to ramble on about everything under the sun. We talk about our boring jobs, our boring lives, our reaction to the death of Steve Jobs and all the things I hate about Apple. Also films, other podcasts, television, music, books, and of course, beef. Sorry it’s so long, next time we’ll try and cut it down.

Next time we plan to have music, AND a logo! Until then, please enjoy.

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