Supersonic Festival 2011: Day 1 – Part 2 (The Evening)

Turns out the giant TV in my room won’t respond to any input for some unknown reason, so I guess I’ll inform reception. I wasn’t planning to watch any TV or anything, it’s just strange, and I guess they’d want to know, if they don’t already.

So, I am just about to leave to go to the site, the Custard Factory obviously, where I am to be given my wristband and staff shirt, which I need to wear on the outside of my clothing, and then i shall be assigned duties. I am still assuming it’s going to be box office, so with that in mind, I am going to pop into a clothes shop on the way (the Bullring is open late…) and get me some fingerless gloves, so I can operate a) the e-ticket PDA b) my phone c) my wallet, without needing to remove said gloves. It is after all a bitterly cold October night.

Those familiar with the Supersonic Layout may notice the significant changes in layout this year. It appears the entrance is no longer Gibb Street, but Floodgate Street, presumably for security reasons (The site was looted during the Idiot Riots 2011), and also new venues (no more outdoor stage? Makes sense given the time of year).

This evening there is just one act I am really desperate to see, and that’s Secret Cheifs 3. Interestingly, the line-up for this tour includes Danny Heifetz, of the original Secret Chiefs Trio and Mr. Bungle. Also, interestingly, they are a band I have loved for about 6 years, but have never yet had the opportunity to see perform. I will also try and grab some merch if I have time, particularly if they’ve got their cool-ass hoodies, and the new 7″.

If I have the time I will check out some other stuff, but there’s no strict plan – unlike tomorrow.

Anyway, gates open at 9PM, so I should probably get to going.

Edit: Also, I will be posting happenings on Facebook and Google+.

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