Twenty-twelve and Beyond

Birds in the sky you know how I feel.

Anyway, look, it’s 2012 already. I know. Terrifying. About a year ago I made the bold claim that within a year I would be in Canada. I’m totally not in Canada. Because it took me so long to get a job last year I couldn’t afford it. But guess what? I’ve had a job now for almost six months, and I can afford it now. As in, right now.

But it’s funny how little and how much things can change in a year. Is Canada really the place? Or is it New Zealand? Or could it be somewhere else entirely? I don’t know, but it’s out of here. And even if it’s somewhere I don’t stay long, I want to go, and to see, and to be there, in the world as it were.

People say wherever you go, it doesn’t really matter because you’re still the same person. But it’s not me that I’m looking to be different. It’s the place, it’s the people, it’s the culture, it’s the shape of the world around me that will change. Scotland is too familiar, it’s too safe, it’s too easy for me to fall back on bad habits and into a dull routine.

There’s other factors to consider obviously, but now is the time. Someday I want to settle down somewhere, but I don’t know where. Right now all I know is I don’t want to settle down here, and I don’t want to settle down now. Maybe I’ll travel the world and come back here and I will stay after all, but how will I know unless I’ve seen what else the world has to offer?

I like making plans, but I really love throwing the plans out the window and going wherever. And I don’t do that enough because I didn’t have the means to do it. Now I do.

Here’s to 2012 I guess. And to looking forward, with open eyes.

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