What is Happening?

Good question.

Well, two contradictory ways to describe what’s happening. There is a lot happening, but a great deal of it relies on waiting, so I sometimes feel like very little is happening. Still overwhelmed by the scope of it all though.

I’ve been careful not to set too many plans in stone this year, because there’s a lot of things that are still up in the air. With any luck though, this will sort itself out in the near future and plans will start falling into place.


Canada is probably happening. I say probably, because I won’t know until I hear back from the Visa process. But fingers crossed. When there’s gnus, I will release them. My plans do not exactly rely on, but kind of pivot on Murray’s upcoming wedding, depending on how his plans fall into place, the exact nature of my plan will likely bend around them into the scary unknown future of life in another country on another continent.

Making Musick

What else? I am slowly starting to pull together a lot of musical ideas from the past few years into some form or another, if for no other reason than to get them out there into the world instead of being trapped in my head where there’s less and less room left. Hopefully more on that shortly.

I’ve also been trying to learn a little bit about reading and writing music. Not for playing, but for composing. It’s kind of enjoyable to see something I’ve written rendered in proper notation, but I still look at a page of music and all I see is a bunch of dots on a bunch of lines. Still got a way to go on that front.

Mass Effect 3

This week I’ve been slowly slogging through Mass Effect 3, which I have been enjoying a lot. On the one hand I want to get to the end of the series and move on with my life, but on the other hand, the Mass Effect universe is a place I’ve come to enjoy spending time in over the past few years. I’ve heard mixed things about the game’s ending, but I’m trying my best to remain spoiler free. I know from both Lost and BSG that rabid sci-fi fanbases are rarely satisfied by the conclusions of their favourite properties, but I tend to come down on the side of the creators.

For the record I liked the endings of both Lost and BSG. I would have done them differently, but there’s a reason I’m not a professional writer. I feel like an ending should provide closure to the main story arc presented within, at least on the terms of the story itself. In the case of Mass Effect, the way the story is presented and framed, most of Mass Effect 3 so far has felt like the ending. It’s an extended final act, where all the various cast of characters are brought on for their last appearance, their stories resolved in some fashion, before the huge, overarching story thread reaches its termination.

Something I think is worth noting about Mass Effect is the main theme of the series is usually touted as being some variation of man vs. machine. However, I think it’s something different. I think it’s actually all about the value of life in general. [NERD-TALK WARNING…] It’s like that early classic Star Trek The Next Generation episode “The Measure Of A Man” in which the android Data must defends his rights as a person. On the face of things it’s about whether machines can ever be truly alive and therefore worthy of consideration as a person, but ultimately, as with all good science fiction, it’s really about the moral lines we draw within ourselves as humanity. It largely bypasses sexual questions, and focuses on racial and political issues, the value of an individual against that of a larger group, and whether or not you can even afford to decide these things on a case-by-case basis in the face of overwhelming danger.

Anyway, enough lazy pontification. Point is I’m enjoying it, and hopefully that’ll continue to the end.

Listening to Musick

I totally still find time to listen to music, and I still buy way too much of the stuff. Even outside of Siskiyou, I’ve spent a lot of time recently enjoying more direct lyrical singer-songwriter type music. The first track off Efrim Menuck’s first solo record is an expression of sweet mundane love.

On the other hand, it’s almost time for the Minimal festival to re-convene here in Glasgow’s fine concert halls, so I’ve been absorbing a lot of Glass, Riley, Pärt and Reich, as well as some Satie. Got tickets for lots of shows coming up, including some performances featuring Philip Glass himself. Pretty exciting for me.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. See you all soon, or later, or never, whatever…

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