Travel Log 2012: ICELAND, Day 1

This, I guess, is the first in an ongoing series of travel logs. Hopefully you will enjoy it. I will try to be concise, but also detailed, and post plenty of photos. I naturally find myself trying to take photos without people in them, myself included, so be warned, if it looks like I’m lonely on this trip, it’s probably just because I kind of am.

ICELAND Day 1, Part 1: Ticket to Ride

After a hectic last-minute scramble to make sure everything I couldn’t do without was packed, and move out of my Glasgow flat at the same time, I made it to the airport. This is kind of a big deal for me. Kind of a bigger deal for my Mother in some ways. Finally her only son is doing something with his life… After a tearful goodbye with my gracious and generous family, who frankly have put up with quite a lot of crap from me, I actually made the flight on time, early even, and ready to go.

This is the wing of a plane. The plane was comfortable. The wing was steady. That’s all you can ask for really.

And I must say, as someone who finds flying pretty unpleasant, this flight, with Icelandair, was silky smooth, and very comfortable. I had a free seat next to me, although the aisle seat was taken by an American woman with a young child, maybe a year old. Disaster, right? Not so, because this child was just about the most well-behaved child I have ever seen.

Short flight, not particularly noteworthy, but I did enjoy landing on Iceland itself, nice views outside.

Got out of the airport and realised that the airport is a good 45 minute bus ride away from Reykjavík. Sure, I’ll pay 4000 Icelandic Krona, however much that is…

ICELAND Day 1, Part 2: Norwegian Wood

Arrived at Hostel, Reykjavík City Hostel. Pleasant enough, clearly used for a lot of school trips. Nothing special at all, but has the facilities I needed.

I headed out to get some dinner, in theory, and explore the city, on my way to the first “thing” in on my list.

People say she’s crazy she’s got a lovely massive white house by the sea in Reykjavík – well that’s one way to lose these walking blues.
This is a sculpture I guess. It’s pretty cool. I guess. Actually, I really liked this. It seems to follow boat forms, maybe a lobster.

After a while of walking I of course realised how far away the hostel was from the city centre, a good forty-five minute walk into town. But hey, you live and you learn right? Or in my case, I live and I not learn.

I ended up being a little later than I had anticipated. So I only had time to get some fries and a drink before hopping on the boat for whale watching, which I then did.

Whale watching is one of those things, you cannot guarantee whale sightings because whales are wild animals who live in a giant environment which is mostly just empty. But still, it would have been nice to see at least one. Instead, we sat on a boat, going very fast, into a very chilly wind. Good thing I had that Buff round my neck.

A boat and some birds. Baby. No whales.
Iceland is a stunningly beautiful place. If not for the language barrier and the living costs, I think I could find myself at home there.
Beauty and solitude.

After a while we almost thought that maybe there were some dolphins or something, but then found none. We headed back into Reykjavík, and they invited us all to come down into the bar on the boat, where some guy with an acoustic guitar started playing some classic covers. At sunset. It was pretty cool actually. How cool? How about this cool:

Got back to the harbour around 12:10AM, which was a bit later than planned, but they gave out some free tickets for a later whale watching tour. I would have taken them up on that offer, had I been there longer. Though it was after midnight, by this point I had noticed that an Icelandic summer night is like a really a lot more like a very long sunset that never actually sets, and eventually just gives up and turns into a sunrise.

Got back to the hostel. Fell into bed. Slept. Dreamt.

More soon!

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