Travel Log 2012: ICELAND, Day 2

ICELAND Day 2: Golden Circles Fill Your Eyes

Started the day off with breakfast, as you do. It was okay, nothing special. Made some sandwiches on rye bread. Ate them. With peppermint tea.

I went out at 8:15AM to be picked up for my Golden Circle bus tour due to leave at 8:30. But when I got there, I realised the time advertised on that part of the ticket was the departure time from Reykjavik. Hotel pickups began at 8:00AM. WHOOPS.

Got it sorted though, went and spoke to the helpful lady at reception, and she managed to get me on the Afternoon version of the Golden Circle, which is two hours shorter, and I would be picked up at 12:30. Live and learn (although I am living, I don’t really seem to be learning…) I guess. So I had a few hours to kill, popped on the hostel wireless, uploaded a few photos, caught up on the news, the usual. Then I went out onto the decking at the back and opened up my big 100L case and started re-arranging it to make sure it was packed a little better, since I had the time.

However, during this time, a thought occured to me, that I should make sure I would be able to get the bus to Selfoss, for the other hostel I was staying at. It took a while, because the information wasn’t really available, but it looked like no, I wouldn’t be able to make it. I decided to give it a go anyway, and I would be able to jump out at a later stop and get a bus to Selfoss. Sorted – although more on that later.

So, popped out at 12:10, just to be safe, waited for the bus. Hooray! It came! I lived AND I learned.

Off on the Golden Circle, first major stop was Þingvellir, which was AWESOME.

Check it out! It’s geo-lodge-ickle, baby!

A kind of fault-line, with a lake in the valley and a beautiful delta, or whatever you would call that, flowing into a lake. I was taken aback a little.

Þingvellir is quite a thing to behold. I recommend you do so with thine eyes.

Next up, Gullfoss, which is where a glacial lake trickles gently over a couple of cliffs and continues flowing along a slight ditch at a rate of more than several litres an hour.

Ach, I’ve seen bigger. Fun fact: that’s not actually true. At all.

By which I mean it is a CRAZY huge waterfall. Absurd.

Here at the Gulf of Oss. That’s how language works, right?

Finally, Geysir…

This is a largely inactive gaysir. I mean geysir.

Geysir is the geyser from which the name geyser comes, which is cool. What’s not so cool is that Geysir was not geysering much these days. But they did have other geysers, including one almost as cool as Geysir. The water spurting out of these things is high in sulphur content. And boy, let me tell you, there’s nothing more refreshing than getting a face full of hot egg gas in the afternoon.

Kind of like farting in the bath, eh?

When I got back to the bus, I spoke to the tour guide and asked if I could get my stuff off the bus and get a different bus so as to get to Selfoss on time. But he had an even better offer. He told me that the route they were going to take bypasses Selfoss, and they could take a short detour to drop me off in the town. Which they then did. AWESOME! It all worked out pretty well for me. Isn’t it nice when it happens good?

Then I got to the hostel, and realised that this hostel was awesome. The room was nothing special, although it was a co-ed room so I ended up in a room with three young ladies – which was kind of awkward in terms of making sure I wasn’t walking in on them naked. But there was a jacuzzi. And a fish tank. And a big kitchen, well stocked with equipment. Wonderful stuff, shame I only had one night there.

I popped out to a nearby river to enjoy the evening air, and to do a little creative thing I had in mind back in Glasgow.

Close to the edge, down by the river.

In Situ Buddha Machine installations! I think the best one was with Buddha Machine 2.0 (probably because that’s the best buddha machine).

Also got one of the Gristleism, and tried out an experimental performance using all the Buddha Machines, the Gristleism, and a Korg Monotron and Monotron Delay, which I may upload later.

Hope to do some more of these along the way to Vancouver. Particularly around Warm Springs.

Headed to bed after some interneting, tried and failed to plan stuff for New York. Guess I’ll have to do that on arrival in the Big Apple.

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