Travel Log 2012: ICELAND, Day 3

ICELAND DAY 3: The Fool on the Hill

Woke up early, cooked and ate Super Noodles for breakfast. That’s right, what of it?

Anyway, after confirming a few things on the old interwebsuperhighnet, I gathered my stuff and headed out to catch a bus that was apparently at 10:40. Problem was, I couldn’t find the right bus stop, because I didn’t know which buses stopped where.

This is quite a pleasant bridge I guess. Nothing fancy. But check out the ridge in the background. Guess where that bus was headed?

I thought to myself, “I’ll just take a stroll over this bridge to the petrol station, because buses are guaranteed to pass there.” Sure enough, they do, but getting up there was the problem, having to drag my 80L bag though some gravel, which actually ripped some of the fabric on the base (thing was built for airports, not for country roads). Oh well, duct tape will fix that.

There are worse places to wait for a bus you don’t know is coming. Like Glasgow.

I managed to get a bus in the end, not the bus I was expecting though, it stopped at some place I had no idea where.

Where the hell even is this? My sense of direction is famously poor, but this was not my fault. Okay, I guess it probably was.

But I hopped on another bus, aiming to get to the bus station, BSI. Well, you don’t need to know about the three specific errors on this leg of the trip. But it’s probably important to note that the bus company I had a ticket for actually don’t leave from this bus station, so I had to arrange for a pick up.

So it was kind of a shitty day on that front.

Got to the airport, checked in, went through a whole explanation why I don’t have an onward ticket. Apparently they overbooked the flight or something, and they had no seats left to offer me, so I had to take 8E. Hooray!

More on that later…

A lovely late lunch at the airport, Icelandic salmon on an open sandwich and a beer. Fabulous.

A lunch genuinely worth lunching on. Surprisingly affordable for salmon. In an airport.

Looked at the Duty Free, way too expensive, although they had some really nice clothes at the 66degrees North store. Realised however that I had used up 90% of the battery on the phone in my mad public transport woes earlier, so I figured I’d have to go without music for the journey. Transport is stressful.

Got on the flight, looked for seat 8E. Well, turns out row 8 is right at the entrance of the plane, but it actually consists of two seats, 8D and 8F. Not so fabulous. Sat on 8F, next to the plane’s main door. So, no window, and I’m responsible for opening the door in the event of an emergency. Fantastafanny.

Sure, I can help people in the event of a water-landing. That’s why I studied Audio Engineering after all…

On the plus side though, 8E happens to be in the “Economy Comfort” area, so free meal and in-seat entertainment. Watched Batman Begins, all the way through for the first time. Pretty good stuff.

Then the crazy young woman in the seat next to me got up and started doing a ten minute work out, jogging on the spot, push-ups. I mean, yeah, I’d like to stretch, but come on. It’s a plane. I really don’t like to stand up on planes, so she made me a little dizzy doing this.

In flight entertainment is weird. Amongst the choices, one episode of the Simpsons, one episode of the Big Bang Theory, and others. Rather than watch the Big Bang Theory though, I just punched myself in the head until I got a concussion. Zing.

Watched that classic episode of the Simpsons with Frank Grimes. Awesome. Then, landed… NEW YORK! Later!

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