Best of 2012: Introduction

Life, you know, it’s bigger. It’s bigger than you, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you are not me.


So, it’s nearly over. The year 2012 that is, not the world (I hope). I thought I would run a little series of posts to take us through to new year, posts in which I talk about some stuff that I liked in 2012.

But first, a video for no raisin.

Due to an period of travel, and then unemployment followed by low-paid work in a foreign country, I haven’t been keep up with music like I have done in previous years. I realised this when I came to write my top ten records of 2012 list, and struggled to even think of ten records that came out this year that I even bought.

So I figured I would write about some other stuff as well as the music I liked. Some movies, some places, some experiences, and maybe that’s a more interesting read for people who don’t really care about any of the music I listen to or whatever. I’d write about books, except I read so slowly I almost never read books the year they come out. Would be dumb of me to name my favourite book of the year out of the one new book I actually read.

But hey, maybe I’ll write about that anyway, because poo to you, naysayer!

So anyway, that’s the introduction to this bit. Starting tomorrow, through to the end of the year (and maybe beyond if there’s more to talk about), I’ll be posting about a whole plethora of miscellaneous junk, and you can tune in, or tune out, or whatever you want to do. And if you do I hope you don’t think your time wasted, and the author an interminably dull cretin. Cheerio!

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