Hey! I’ve Moved!

Where am I? What is going on? Have the colours changed?

Okay, so you may have noticed, a couple of things have changed around here. The first thing you need to not do is panic and jump out of a window in shock. Everything will be okay.

Much like a hermit crab changes its shell, I have migrated my blog from my former web host Evohosting to wordpress.com.

In all fairness to Evohosting, they have been great hosts from the beginning. I can only recall one major outage, and their customer service was excellent and fast. I have decided to leave simply because I was paying for services I wasn’t really using. I was regularly utilising less than 5% of my available monthly bandwidth. After all, this is a low traffic blog, and all the bigger files are now hosted elsewhere on social media services where they’ll be seen more easily.

In migrating the site to WordPress’ free hosting, I have decided to finally buy timidelfdesigns.com. That’s right, I’m a dot-com owner now. Welcome to the year twenty fourteen. I know this is an extravagance at this point, but it was about time I marked out some space on the granddaddy of top level domains. Who knows, if I get up and running professionally, I have a good domain at least.

Remember this? This was the old logo from EIGHT years ago. Boy am I old...
Remember this? This was the old logo from EIGHT years ago. Boy am I old…

At this juncture, “thegrotto” is no longer the official name of this blog. I could name it that if I wanted, but I decided to go for a clean break. The name thegrotto goes back to the earliest web presence I ever had, and the first domain I ever owned (I still own it). I think the name may a play on “home page”, but upon re-watching the show recently I realised it might also have come from Malcolm in the Middle. I have long since forgotten. The name means nothing now.

timidelfdesigns as a name has actually been around longer (I believe it was born in Wexford, Ireland around 1998 in actual fact), but it still serves its purpose as a unique name to publish my creative works under. It is my brand, if I have one.

For years I was working on hundreds of different mock-ups for a unified timidelfdesigns web presence, but in the end I realised that I didn’t have the time or interest any more to properly work on the nitty-gritty parts of web design. Besides which, most of what I would have used that site for is now covered nicely by other web services, ie. Dropbox, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, etc.

Nobody really cares about your basic old school website any more, it’s all social media hooks and cross-platform marketing nonsense. WordPress offers really solid integration with that stuff, and continues to develop.

I have been happy with wordpress from day one, so I am sticking with it. The migration was easy and it looks like everything came over intact, so that’s a lovely result. That being said, if you spot any gaps, please let me know and I’ll do my best to fix them.

That’s about it really. I do plan to update this a bit more often going forward. There’s a ton of stuff that’s been sitting in the drafts folder waiting to be proofread and published, so look forward to some of that in the near/distant future.

Anyway for now, keep calm and stop with the “keep calm and something something” meme already.

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