Sunn O))) Endurance Runn O))): Part 6

Hey, remember this? No? Well fair enough, that’s my fault.

Look, so I was busy having some sort of meltdown and what have you so I haven’t had time to finish this stupid thing nobody cares about so lay off me. Oh you weren’t complaining that’s just my paranoid imagination oh well that’s just great now I’m talking to myself shut up.

What? Never mind.

Oh yes, the Sunn O))) Endurance Run! Nobody’s favourite thing on the internet returns for no reason in a bumper edition of pointless boredom HOORAY!

Also, I somehow only just noticed the Punn O))) and renamed this series to the “Endurance Runn O)))”. Have Funn O))) with a series of Black One related artefacts.

Solstitium Fulminate

First full listen.

Here is a live record released around the same time as Black One, featuring a lineup of Soma, The Lord, Csihar, TOS and Ambarchi and who are those people anyway? They’re the people who play on this record!

So what happens here?

Well, a notable additional here are Oren Ambarchi’s “bass bombs”, pure sinwave bass lines that sort of “click” into action for some reason. I guess it’s a ring modulation artifact or something, but it’s a trademark sound for this Australian guitarist and composer. You know, click-oooooooooooooooooooooo, silence. click-oooooooooooo… Anyway, there’s some of that on here on Wine & Fog particularly.

As a side observation the name Wine & Fog presumably refers to the fog that Sunn O))) use to permanently damage the lungs of everyone in the audience, and the ceremonial wine that they  drink on stage, directly from the bottle. I don’t really have anything else interesting to say about this track. It’s more Sunn O))) okay? I mean it’s not the best recording in the world, but I really don’t think microphones exist that can capture the essence or volume of Sunn O))) live. It’s something you have to feel in your own lungs and bones.

The second and final track Vlad Tepes sure takes a long time to get going (unlike most Sunn O))) songs?) It is rooted for the most part in the Decay stuff from White2, with Attila Csihar’s monotonous chanting over rather low-key drones and ambient noise. It does swell up at the tail end. At its climax it does that thing that happens at the end of most Sunn O))) shows, that maximum volume to maximum silence moment that is, in person, EARTH-SHATTERING. It’s a little less effective on record (I do it all the time on my own records), although I guess if you play it loud enough it’s probably cool.

Angel Coma

First full listen.

So what is Angel Coma? Well, it’s a split EP produced for the Black One tour they did with Earth. The Earth track Plague of Angels is cool, and appears on their Hibernaculum compilation. The Sunn O))) contribution, Coma Mirror appears to be a cut from the Black One sessions, with Malefic on vocals and John Wiese adding his white noise squall.

Included on the Bandcamp release is a version without vocals, which is actually a bit more interesting somehow. And by somehow I mean because Malefic is not on it… That weird shimmering drone going on is quite unusual and effective.

La Mort Noir Dans Esch / Alzette

First full listen.

Another Sunn O))) Black One-era live record. Hello darkness my old friend.

Despite my apparent lack of enthusiasm in that introduction, this record actually seems like a good one. It’s at least a fair facsimile of the live experience. Dylan Carlson is apparently playing, which I didn’t realise until after. Malefic does his icy vocal thing that is kind of tedious and you know what? Fuck Malefic. Xasthur is lame.

Anyway… Okay so this has its merits, but Jesus, enough with the Malefic. Sunn O)))’s least interesting vocalist by a mile.

Next-time on Satan’s Bowel Movements: A Retrospective

So here we are at the end of the Black One era, thank the Southern Lord…

Next up we have a sterling collaboration with Boris, and a kick-ass EP that actually ends up being far longer than an LP, and is a more than a bit drilly.

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