Album of the Year 2014 Longlist

Okay, I know it’s only mid-October, but it’s been a fairly cool year for music thus far, so I’m going to try and get a head start on a top five/ten albums list for the end of the year. I haven’t done one in a while, and I really don’t buy as much new music as I used to, but music is still a thing that I love beyond all reason. I may have forgotten some stuff, but this is just a starting point.

So, to start, here’s a quick brain-dump of the stuff I’ve really enjoyed this year so far that would likely make it to such a list.

  • Kayo Dot – Coffins on Io
  • Earth – Primitive & Deadly
  • Tune-Yards – Nikki Nack
  • St. Vincent – St. Vincent
  • Swans – To Be Kind
  • Sharon Van Etten – Are We There
  • Ben Babbitt – Kentucky Route Zero, Act III Soundtrack
  • Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra – Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything

Now here’s a list of forthcoming releases that I’m excited for:

  • Scott Walker & Sunn O))) – Soused
  • Old Man Gloom – The Ape of God
  • Mamiffer – Statu Nascendi
  • Ishraquiyun – Perichoresis

And the big wildcard:

  • Pink Floyd – The Endless River

Finally, some stuff I’ve not gotten to yet, that I really ought to in the next couple months:

  • Hiss Tracts – Shortwave Nights
  • YOB – Clearing the Path to Ascend
  • DAMA/LIBRA – Claw
  • Aphex Twin – Syro
  • Godflesh – A World Lit Only by Fire
  • Godflesh – Decline & Fall
  • Melvins – Hold it In
  • J Mascis – Tied to a Star

That’s it for now, we’ll see where I am at in December.

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