Now & the Near Future

This week has been fairly crazy and weird as it is, but I’m also excited to announce to my several readers that after a year of making do with, I have returned to self-hosting wordpress. The site is still where it was before, it’s just slightly more swag, as the kids probably said five years ago.

As a result of the switch I’ll be able to give the site a proper refresh and design overhaul that it’s in need of. I’m probably not going to do a full custom theme or anything too elaborate, just tweaking here and there. I’m trying to improve my writing style, and that includes breaking up text with pictures. You know, making more compelling content. This will be an ongoing project of course, so I’ll tweak a few things, you know, experiment.

The move also gives me more storage space and flexibility, not to mention plugins for exciting content stuff that’s in the works (more on that soon).

The migration process was a little rough for an hour or so there, but I kicked the Internet a couple of times and it finally worked.

This is all secondary to what’s really happening.

I’m starting a new contracting job. I am now the director of Tanuki Limited. I will likely be fairly busy with that for the next six months or so, but it’s a three 12 hour night shifts a week, so I’ll also have more concentrated periods of free time to get stuff done, including writing. Once that contract is up, I’ll probably be off on a bit of a world tour that will culminate in me living in New Zealand for two years, doing whatever. Rounding up sheep or something.

When I moved to Canada I promised travel logs and regular updates about that experience. Naturally I didn’t really keep up with those as I intended. I started out with great intentions, but then I would be tired and without internet access, or with nowhere to charge my laptop. I would miss a post, and that would push back the next one, and then I’d just end up falling behind. This time though, I’m making more solid preparations for the process. Smart thinking like running on a delayed schedule, plus new hardware solutions including Bluetooth keyboard and tablet for blogging quickly, almost anywhere, and my NEX-5R for better photography.

Moving back to self-hosting will help with all that as well.

Also it was actor Brad Dourif’s birthday yesterday. He’s 65. Happy belated birthday Brad!

Hey look, it's Braaaaaaaaaaaaad Dourif! And he's wearing a cool hat, bless him.
Hey look, it’s Braaaaaaaaaaaaad Dourif! And he’s wearing a cool hat, bless him.

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