The Islay Beefcast – Epsiode 05

Hey, you remember the Islay Beefcast, right? That podcast Murray and I produced several episodes of in 2011? No? Well, it’s back, even though we’re an ocean apart, thanks to the magic of Skype.

The Islay Beefcast logo

We’re going to be releasing this thing on an irregular basis. It’s just for fun, some honest chit-chat.

This week Murray interviews me about my time in Canada, and my poor life choices. We go a little deep on this one, and sometimes it wanders into uncomfortable territory. There was some stuff I was going to edit out, but I ended up editing it back in. It’s honest, if nothing else.

Apologies if the sound quality and presentation is not up to scratch, we’re still working on streamlining the technology.

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