Future Travel Reports

I am still working out the details (and leaving some details intentionally blank) of my crazy travel plans for next month onwards, but one thing I have decided on is how I’m going to document the trip.

Last time round, I had planned to write a running travel log throughout the trip, but after a while, I ran out of things to say, or I didn’t have good enough photos, or I was just tired and needed a break. Eventually I stopped posting and never got back to it.

My plan this time around is not to document everything in boring detail (“here is a photo of my free hostel breakfast!”), but instead to pick one or two specific things per destination, whether that’s activities, locations, or something more abstract, and really delve into them. I’m planning to write about these experiences once or twice a week, complete with higher quality photography, maybe some video or audio recordings, and other fun stuff.

This way I can share the best parts of the trip and be productive and creative, but also have plenty of quiet time to myself – which some of you will know is really important for me. I’ll share more details when I have them, but that’s the plan as it stands. I’m looking forward to it, hopefully you’ll join me.

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