Travel Report: Akranes

The day after the Glacier tour, I took a local bus up to Akranes, which is just across Hvalfjörður (Whale Fjord) from Reykjavík. Akranes is a quiet fishing town, with very little in the way of tourist attractions, so I would be free to chill out, wander around, and take a lot of photos of the stunning landscape, and get a slightly more authentic Icelandic flavour.

The hostel was empty when I arrived, which was a lovely change. I had whole dorm room to myself – which almost never happens, so I was able to get some peace, instead of having to listen to some Californian “bro” snore like a chainsaw that wouldn’t start, and complaining about not getting laid after trying really hard with some Icelandic girl who wasn’t buying his shit.

I had planned this as a bit of a rest stop, having only recently gotten off an increasingly brutal and unrewarding 9 month stint of 12 hour night shifts, and it certainly did the trick. Akranes sits in the shadow of a mountain called Akrafjall, which I considered climbing, but given the icy conditions, I thought it sensible not to take any risks.

There’s nothing much to report in terms of Akranes itself, but here’s some photos. Alas, no northern lights – but, as Ozzy Osbourne once sang in a song about a mentally ill railway vehicle, that’s how it goes.

Akranes is not all that interesting, but it is pretty, and quiet. Those things go a long way with me. I would love to come back some summer day and climb Akrafjall.

Next stop: Toronto and Niagara Falls!

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