Travel Report: Niagara Falls

Mic drops are cool, but I prefer the old school “other shoe” drop. So here goes:

There’s ‘otter down there.

Niagara Falls is one of those things everyone sees when they’re in the area. It’s a giant waterfall – or rather, it’s three waterfalls, along the border of Canada and the United States of America. The big Canadian falls everyone talks about is called Horseshoe Falls. Then there’s American Falls and its tiny neighbour Bridal Veil Falls.

It’s pretty cool you guys.

I had hoped I’d be lucky enough to catch the falls frozen (a concept I was introduced to via the recent Prurient album), but unfortunately not – it doesn’t happen every year. The spray from the falls had frozen around nearby trees and on railings though, creating these weird alien ice sculptures.

Although, Horseshoe Falls is the main attraction, the two American Falls are pretty nice too, if slightly less vast. You can walk all the way along the river – which is actually the border between the US and Canada (I think Donald Trump wants to build a wall here or something).

The town of Niagara Falls, Ontario itself is a little like a crappy tiny Las Vegas, and half of it is shut down in the winter because tourists are scared of the cold – and to be fair, it did get pretty damn cold. I was trudging through knee-deep snow to get in and out of the hostel. In the summer they run boat trips and such, but the viewing area next to Horseshoe Falls is free and easily accessible. When the sun goes down in winter they light up the falls in different colours.

Here’s a little photo gallery.

Next stop, a nation’s capital, Washington, District of Columbia.

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