Travel Report: Old Spaceships & Dead Animals

On my last half day in Washington DC, I headed to the National Air & Space Museum, and followed a guided tour around to look at crazy cool old planes and spaceships, and spacesuits, and all sorts of stuff. This is a great museum for anyone who loves engineering. They’ve got the Wright Flyer, The Spirit of St. Louis, Skylab B, an Apollo test lander, a Saturn V rocket exhaust… All kinds of cool stuff.

I didn’t take that many photos because the lighting didn’t seem great at the time, and I was utterly exhausted from carrying around my bags, and frankly my brain wasn’t keeping up.

I also quickly ran around the Natural History Museum, but it was very crowded and I was carrying a heavy backpack, so I quickly became tired and claustrophobic, and then I couldn’t find the exit for about 20 minutes and almost had a panic attack. Hooray!

I made it out eventually and called it a day. And so I headed to the bus station, and on to Richmond, Virginia, the former capital of the Confederate States of America.

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