I wanna try some rearranging

Hey-oh, humans! It’s me, Pale Fungus Son.

I know nobody much cares at this point, but as of several days ago I’ve moved this blog off Host Gator, back to WordPress. I wasn’t using the site enough to justify the expense, and the reasons I needed a web host in the first place fell through.

I’ve switched the nameservers so the domain (timidelfdesigns.com) should transfer you here instead of there within 48 hours, and after that all will be back to normal.

Links may be a little bit weird for a while, and some pictures might not sync up. Maybe I’ll fix that in time, or maybe I won’t. Having a website at all in this day and age seems a little bit silly, and driven by nostalgia for more innocent times. Nevertheless, I’m not ready to abandon the idea just yet, so this is the cheaper long term option.

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