Best of 2017: Top Six Albums

I managed to not publish anything to this blog in 2017. That's an odd achievement that I'm not proud of. The truth is that within the past 12 months I've written literally thousands upon thousands of words that I didn't publish. There are many reasons, but primarily, I lost faith in the idea that my writing was really reaching out to anyone. Why publish something effectively no-one will read? In today's dissolving world, what use are my words? They're buried in noise, subsumed in an endless sea of arbitrary distractions.

Okay, so that's not really a great way to start of a post about my favourite music from 2017. But a little context goes a long way, and on that front it's worth mentioning that in 2017, podcasts have squeezed music out of my everyday life. And I was catching up on a lot of music from 2016 (ATCQ, RTJ, De La, etc.)

For those reasons, and others, I've opted to keep this list to six albums I enjoyed this year. No rankings - although Oxbow would take the top spot for sure. So join me, won't you?

Best of 2013: Some Cool Stuff That Happened to Me

Learned to snowboard and "conquered" (hah!) my first black diamond runs. Moved from the ass-end of Vancouver to the beautiful North Vancouver. Lots of sunsets on top of Mount Strachan. Saw lots of classic Studio Ghibli films at the Cinematheque. Met several incredibly inspirational people (and did not stay in contact with any of them because I … Continue reading Best of 2013: Some Cool Stuff That Happened to Me