Seven Radiohead songs I love

In 2016 I saw the video for Radiohead's "Burn the Witch", and I was suddenly hooked and decided to buy the album (A Moon Shaped Pool) when it came out. Then for whatever reason, I didn't bother to go through their back catalogue until this year, starting with OK Computer, and then jumping around with no real sense of purpose. It turns out to my very great surprise that I've come to realise that Radiohead are probably the greatest British band of the past 30 years.

Five Songs for Manly Men (with Beards)

Woo, it's the long-awaited (by nobody) return of the Five Songs Series. This entry is devoted to manliness. Okay, when I say manly, I think I should explain what I mean. I'm talking about music that displays a traditionally masculine sensibility, without being oriented towards the dumb young chauvinistic meatheads of the American frat-house variety. … Continue reading Five Songs for Manly Men (with Beards)

Five Songs About Christmas… Almost

Okay, this is going to be so hard, given that I hate most Christmas songs. Also, a "brief" run-on sentence regarding the current Christmas number one/two: this is a very very poor taste cash-in scheme by Sony, who own the rights to both versions, thus exploiting the fans of the vastly-superior-in-every-single-conceivable-way Jeff Buckley version out … Continue reading Five Songs About Christmas… Almost