Hi, I’m Paul F. Ferguson. I like to create things of various sorts.

I create ambient, electronic, noise, acousmatic, and other experimental music under the projects Snowman Made of Mud (dark ambient, textural, experimental, drones), Asphixiator (noise, acousmatic/electroacoustic), Cluster(electronica) and Tzitzimime (doom ambient). Check them out on my Bandcamp page. You might not like it.

I’m an amateur photographer, still learning and developing. I particularly like macro and landscape photography. For some reason, I rarely take pictures of people.

I like to write about travel, music, film, and other cool things I enjoy. I also do some creative writing from time to time.

timidelfdesigns is an umbrella for all my work,  and this page covers all of it. It’s a portfolio and a blog.

I’m still Paul F. Ferguson.