Sunn O))) Endurance Runn O))): Part 2

ØØ Void (2000) This was technically the debut album by Sunn O))), but really it's the second. Though The Grimmrobe Demos have their primordial charms, ØØ Void is probably the better record. It is certainly one where the formula solidifies as something more than Earth worship, and where a lot of Sunn O)))'s own ideas for the … Continue reading Sunn O))) Endurance Runn O))): Part 2


Typical, I get so caught up in the minutia of structure that I find it cripplingly difficult to execute my musical ideas, and then instead end up accidentally creating something spontaneous that is more interesting to me. Seachange is a C minor chord on piano, hyper-stretched, cut up, layered, processed, filtered, stitched together into a … Continue reading Seachange