Five Songs for Manly Men (with Beards)

Woo, it's the long-awaited (by nobody) return of the Five Songs Series. This entry is devoted to manliness. Okay, when I say manly, I think I should explain what I mean. I'm talking about music that displays a traditionally masculine sensibility, without being oriented towards the dumb young chauvinistic meatheads of the American frat-house variety. … Continue reading Five Songs for Manly Men (with Beards)

Five Songs About Christmas… Almost

Okay, this is going to be so hard, given that I hate most Christmas songs. Also, a "brief" run-on sentence regarding the current Christmas number one/two: this is a very very poor taste cash-in scheme by Sony, who own the rights to both versions, thus exploiting the fans of the vastly-superior-in-every-single-conceivable-way Jeff Buckley version out … Continue reading Five Songs About Christmas… Almost