I have been trying, and failing, to write song-based music for a while, more seriously in the past few months. Aside from not having the time, energy or talent to make much of it, I keep falling back on that old Objective Strategy, honour thy mistake as hidden intention. Well, I wouldn't say I honour my mistakes exactly, nor pass … Continue reading Chattanooga


Typical, I get so caught up in the minutia of structure that I find it cripplingly difficult to execute my musical ideas, and then instead end up accidentally creating something spontaneous that is more interesting to me. Seachange is a C minor chord on piano, hyper-stretched, cut up, layered, processed, filtered, stitched together into a … Continue reading Seachange


More of the same really. Music made by stretching guitar improv noise. Not very exciting. Sorry. It's easy to do, and I'm lazy, and I kind of like the sound of it. Probably the last one of these though, that's one for each of the elements. Also, here's the art: